how to use our smoked extra virgin olive oil

how to use our smoked extra virgin olive oil

Have you been searching for something in the kitchen, but you just don’t know what?

Our Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fantastic way to add deep and intense flavours to your everyday cooking – without the time and fuss of smoking your food. You can drizzle, roast or dress with this unique oil – so take your pick!

To infuse maximum smokiness, we gently smoke Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a mixture of native Australian Paperbark strips (Melaleuca), sourced from Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, and Red Gum chips, which results in a fragrant oil that brings the scent of slow cooking to your kitchen.

Perfect for babaganoush, fish and meats, it's a quick and easy way to elevate your dishes; we've shared some of our favourites using our unique Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil below.

RECIPE: Conchiglie, Chickpeas and Smoked EVOO
Scott Williams, Ragazzi Wine and Pasta

Conchiglie, Chickpeas and Smoked EVOO Scott Williams, Ragazzi Wine and Pasta

A healthy drizzle of Smoked EVOO is the finishing touch on a dish destined to become a family favourite, and also features hearty Mount Zero Organic Australian ChickpeasTry this comforting pasta for yourself here.


RECIPE: Smoked Barramundi Tartare with Smoked EVOO, Slow-Cooked Yolk and Bay Crisps
Telina Menzies, Australian Venue Co.

Smoked barramundi tartare with Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, slow-cooked yolk and bay crisps from Telina Menzies.

Chef Telina Menzies uses our Smoked EVOO on emu and kangaroo dumplings in their restaurants, and it also features in this decadent recipe. “It’s a smoked barramundi tartare and the smoked oil adds a ‘beefiness’ to the dish, it gives it loads of depth,” they said.

Impress at your next dinner party with this smoked barramundi recipe.


RECIPE: Smoky Carrots with Walnut Purée
Cle-ann Stampolidis

Smoky Carrots with Walnut Purée.

Roasting carrots with Smoked EVOO will fill your kitchen with the aroma of cooking over a campfire – doesn't get any cosier than that! Plus add a scattering of Egyptian Dukkah for a hit of Middle Eastern flavours and plenty of texture.

Get the recipe for this sensational side here.


Add the Mount Zero Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your kitchen arsenal today.

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