sustainability at mount zero

sustainability at mount zero

Our aim at Mount Zero is to apply the same principles of sustainability to our packaging and distribution that we use in our farming practices. In essence this means reducing the use of synthetic petrochemical based products and applying a biological solution.

home compostable film

As of March 2020 we have begun packaging our pulses and grains in a fully home compostable bag made entirely from plant-based material.  This means that you can simply place the bag in your home compost bin, organics recycling bin (depending on your local collection facilities) or worm farm along with your other compostable (or organic matter) waste and the bag will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The bag is made from sustainably sourced plant materials, reducing the reliance on petrochemicals and the decomposed material will be non-toxic to the environment or soil organisms like earthworms – packaging that can be returned back to nature after use!

  • Australian Home Compostable Accreditation (AS5810) confirms that the packaging has undergone rigorous independent testing which ensures the pack will break down within 26 weeks, once in contact with the soil and the biota found there. The pack has also been assessed for its chemical composition and eco-toxicity, to assure that it will break down safely without harming the environment or the organisms present.
  • There are many components that make up our packaging. Our barrier film, which keeps your product fresh is made from Natureflex which is cellulose, made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations.  The sealing film is made from other plants, including corn, sugar cane and cassava byproducts, even then inks in the printing and adhesives that bind it all together are plant-based.

water activated tape

We utilise a plastic-free, water-activated tape on all of our internet orders. This tape is made from plant fibres and is adhered to cardboard via a water-based glue, making it 100% recyclable! To see more on how it works, click here.

plastic-free pallet strapping in warehouse

For nearly all of the pallets in the Mount Zero warehouse we use these fantastic plastic-free straps! The straps are reusable, quick to use and, most importantly, eliminate the need to use any plastic pallet wrap. 

Returnable Stainless Steel Olive containers for restaurant supply

For olive oil, we have identified returnable stainless steel tanks as the best option for our wholesale customers to partner with us, in a food-safe and efficient closed-loop system of reusable packaging. Some of current partners using the tanks include Stokehouse, Miznon and Leaf Store

This new stainless-steel olive oil tank is a plastic and waste-free, closed-loop food delivery system for foodservice customers. Our tanks are NSF certified and are designed in a way that facilitates cleaning, allowing them to be reused safely. They prevent single-use packaging from going to landfill and reduce the resources used for recycling.

We know that this initiative can be delivered to our wholesale customers based in the Melbourne metro area without compromising the safety, quality and price of our olive oil. We hope that more of our cafe, restaurant and retail customers will partner with us to collectively reduce footprint by returning and reusing our Stainless Steel EVOO tanks!


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