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red sorghum

red sorghum

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the unique grain...

A traditional seed-like grain native to Africa that's considered the new ancient wonder grain! This superfood is so versatile - Use in breakfast cereals and bars, boil whole and used as a rice alternative, bake into breads or 'pop' for a snack (just like popcorn).

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With roots tracing back thousands of years, sorghum is a staple food source in various cultures across the globe. Originally domesticated in Africa, it later spread to Asia and the Middle East, becoming a significant part of many diverse cuisines. Despite its relatively unknown status in Australia, this ancient grain is the fifth most produced grain in the world.

Sorghum is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Use it in breakfast cereals and bars, boil it whole and use it as a rice alternative, or bake it into breads or 'pop' it for a snack (just like popcorn!)

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